Ultimate K9

ULTIMATE K9, a challenge like no other! Can you train your dog to go over ,under, on top, and through a variety of obstacles and challenges? A fantastic way to build confidence and an amazing bonding experience!


Here it is! As Dog Trainers, (and members of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers,) we present to you, a new exciting obstacle event to tackle with your dog. Having competed in the National Dog Biathlon many years ago, we bring to you a new and updated set of excersises to train your dog for. As keen Agility, IPO, Flyball, Working Trails, competitors and Instructors, and also Canicross runners (having represented GB), we bring to you a wealth of knowledge, and a serious event. The event is not a race! It will be held over 3 miles, where each competitor starts with 100 points, and by the end of the event the Dog & Handler or team with the most points wins! (time will only come into it in the event of equal placings) The event will be held just outside Frome in Somerset, on Sunday June 12th, further details will be updated very soon. Places will be limited to 40 competitors. The cost is £35.00 per Dog & Handler team. Entries will open at the end of March. Please PM us if you would like to reserve a place. The course will be available for walking on the day of the event prior to the start. This page will be updated on a weekly basis to give you ideas of what to start training your dog to do. There will be catagories which will include team & individual entries. This is not a Canicross event! it is a mixture of many dog training see who really has the, 'Ultimate K9'.


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