By the way, I just wanted to say that I really have got the energy change.... I used to get so frustrated with Dandelion because all she would do was pull and I couldnt find a way to prevent it and we just ended up pulling each other. But apart from the checking back quickly and being consistent with the commands, one HUGE thing I noticed yesterday was when I went from angry to feelings of pride in my dog just taking a few steps alongside me then the few steps became three quarters of the walk and the sense of calm that eminates from her is an enormous change to the tightly charged zippy energy we had back a while. I also noticed that owners need to be warned that actually that is a good place to be because suddenly you think there may be something wrong with your dog because they are so quiet..... my Mum said perhaps I ought to take her to the vets!!!! Its funny, we get so used to our dogs being hyper and out of control it takes some adjustment on our behalf too to accept the changes - but there's no going back for me I am loving the stronger bond we have thanks to you and Kirsten and last Saturday morning - I cant believe how impactful those few hours with you guys were - you have literally turned our lives around, in oh so many ways!!!!


The BIGGEST thank you to you both


"I thought Dog Training class would revolutionise my dog but instead I discovered it was ME that needed revolutionising and once the process had begun - my dog followed suit - easy! Its the most fun I could ever have with my dog and I have Sharon and her team to thank for that. My dog arrived with a muzzle on the first day but now she is happy and relaxed and thats not just at class!

 Another aspect which I had not really thought about, is meeting loads of like minded new friends with a common goal - happier and better behaved dogs and much improved knowledge on how to achieve it, and meeting up for dog walks and caffeine stops beyond the limits of the class have all contributed to a far happier world for me and my dog."


Char & Inde, Bath

I have been coming to the K9 club for several years now and realised quite early on that this is not any old dog school!! I  have learnt SO much ,laughed SO much, made So many friends....all ages and sizes like  the dogs!,and most importantly been encouraged to understand my dog and  work with him.This knowledge and understanding  is directly attributable to Sharon who has enabled me to have a so much richer

relationship with my dog. More importantly my dog knows when we turn into her drive and immediately starts crying to be let out....classes are fun for him with gentle training methods and lots of variety. I

must admit I panicked when I knew Sharon was expecting last year....and remember thinking several times...Oh no! what if she hasn't got time to keep the club going. I really couldn't bear to think of not having

classes to come to anymore!! Anyone showing a hint of a problem with a dog out on my wallks on Salisbury Plain and I am there telling them 'I know a really good dog school in Frome' !  

Pippin and I feel blessed that we discovered the K9 club!


Judy & Pippin



Sharon, many thanks for your patience and hard work you have done with Bailey. Since our telephone conversation last thursday we have been working with bailey at home an in the garden with his sit and down commands which are going very well. Also we have been with his ball swapping,leave and drop which still needs a lot of work but we are getting there. This afternoon we took him for a walk out in a field with no distractions and his recall to the whistle followed by a sit and down was wonderful. It seems as though he is a different dog, not hyper, quiet and always looking to us for his next command. Many thanks we could not have done it without you


Mr & Mrs Merrit - Devizes


In February 2004, Max (3 months old, long haired, black  German Shepherd puppy) and I started training with Sharon.  We passed the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold awards (with a few errors on the way).

He won an obedience competition at a local show. As soon as he was old enough we started agility classes. Max loved racing round without me but I gained control eventually.

Working trials is great fun. Max enjoys the work in big fields and watching him scenting is amazing.

Flyball is exciting too.

He was reserve show champion for best condition.

Max is now 7 years old and we still enjoy our training.

Thank you Sharon


Sue Haxell 29/02/2012