Puppy Training Classes infomation...

Our puppy classes are currently operating on a strict pre booked/paid place only.  To book a place please call or text 07922 756176


Mondays 1pm  - FULL

Tuesday 11am - From 3rd November.  **New Class**   For puppies, and basic training for sociable juniors & adult dogs.  Reserve your place now.

Wednesdays - 11.30am - FULL

Wednesdays 6pm - FULL

Saturdays 9am - FULL


All of our puppy classes are currently full for October.  Please get in touch at the end of October to see what availability we have going into November.


Weekday puppy classes are £11 per session.

Saturday classes are £15 per session


If your preferred class is currently full, please contact us as place may of become available before we have had the chance of updating our website.


We are proud to say that all of our Instructors at FromeK9 have a wealth of experience, and knowledge with all breeds of dogs.  We can confidently teach you how to train your dog, specific to your breed, to suit you.


On the whole, all of our training is Reward Based through food initially.


What to bring......


A big bag of tasty titbits, cheese (Edam is good as it does not crumble), Ham, Sausage, etc.....  For training you want to have something 'extra' special!  The higher the reward, the more attention you will get from your dog, which will make it easier for you to train them in class, and for you to learn.

A collar and normal lead:  No check chains or flexi leads.


PLEASE:  As we use food as rewards, and generally lots of them, dont feed your dog for at least 5hrs before coming to class.


We run the 'Kennel Club Puppy Foundation' course at no extra cost in our classes.