Sharon Arnold BIPDT

FromeK9 was set up 20 years ago as a hobby which I ran alongside my 'proper desk job'  After a while it became apparent that I should follow my love of working with people & dogs and turn FromeK9 a full time job.  The word 'job' just dosent seem like the right word to use as it really is a pleasure for me to work at something I am so passionate about.


I am a vet reccommended Behaviourist, and can confidently work with any breed of dog.  I am a realistic dog trainer & behaviourist.  I take pride in my teaching, and I expect progress;  the path to a well trained dog isnt just  a 1hr training class per week!  


I spent 3 years working with the 'Canine Film Academy' and won many awards for my teaching ability, and for handling dogs on photoshoots, primarily for 'Dogs Today' magazine.


I am a full member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, (BIPDT)  I have also been an assessor for the Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB)    Both of these titles were earned from hard work, I did not buy them off of the internet for a yearly subscription.









I have both studied canine behaviour with COAPE, and lived with a pack of dogs for over 25 years.  I have been through the highs & lows of owning difficult guarding breeds, and rescuing and rehabilitating Gundogs (GSP) & Terriers.


I have competed in many different sports including, Working trials, Obedience (I am a qualified Kennel Club Obedience Judge) Agility, (got to the top level with UKA with a Terrier.... (of all breeds)  Canicross,  for which I have competed at the highest level competing for the United Kingdom in the EU championships in Hungary and Belgium. Breed showing (GSD) I have also stood on the commitee at SW GSD, and stewarded breed shows right up to Championship level.  I have also judged at local all breed, and GSD rallies.  I have  trained in the sport of Schutzund and work with training dogs for protection. I have competed in K9 biathlons. Aside from 'hands on' I have succesfully organised Canicross races, GSD Rallies, K9 holidays, set up a successful Canicross club (K9 Canicross, which was renamed when I left to Wessex Canicross) and was one of the founder trainers that set up Phoenix Agility.   I have also trained 2 of my dogs to be Water Rescue Dogs......


I attend courses to keep myself on form & up to date with training methods, some of which I find useful and others a complete waste of time.


I am not a namby pamby trainer, neither do I use harsh methods, my message is clear to the dogs, motivational, and in return the dogs (and owners) enjoy their training.


I have bred German Shepherds, and my own dogs have had the privilege of representing the breed on the stand at both Crufts, and Discover Dogs in London.


My current pack consists of 2 German Shepherds, and a Dutch Shepherd........there is clearly a space for one more...


I dont just talk about dog training, I actually do it as well........

Outside of the dog world, I am a mother.  I can also count myself as an ultra cyclist for my sins.  My longest ride was in Sweden covering 192 one night!  I am currently in training for my next big challenge.


I do not wear a tweed skirt, or carry a bum bag, but I know alot of dog trainers that do.


I hope you chose to train with us at FK9, we have alot to offer.... we are not an ordinary dog club..

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