At FK9 we specialise in teaching & training a little bit differently,  and prefer not to go with the masses, or become accredited with franchises.

After spending 18 months working alongside anti poaching dog trainers,  explosive and drugs dogs assessors, we have developed our own form of scent work based on an operational style of searching........ for pet dogs.

Motivational high energy and environmentally challenging.


Why train scent work ?

Have you ever watched your dogs first thing in the morning? what do they do?,  they go round the garden nose down tracking what ever has been through over night before.

What does your dog do when it's stressed and wanting to calm down? .... sniff! it makes them feel better.

A natural mind calming amd rewarding thing to do.

A trust and bond builder, especially when you get to blind searching, as its all about trusting your dog to show, and for you to be able to read their body language and understand what they are telling you.

Nosework is good for antisocial dogs as it helps calm the mind, and as they work independently there is so much less stress than many other sports.


At FK9 we train on a passive indication, we want your dog to show, with confidence, the indication where the scent is..... regardless of whats going on around them.

Our upcoming assessments will be like no other scentwork trials, and be based on searches, just like a detection dog, fun, environmentally challenging and confidence building for both you and your dog.  The foundation and understanding your dog will receive at FK9 will take them above and beyond any other pet dog Scentwork test in the UK.....Its true!