'Train the dog in front of you, not the one you wish you had!'




Frome Dog Training Centre welcomes all breeds of dog;  contact us today to find out how much fun training your dog can be.



Our Agility classes are fun and informative, and really do have a sociable feel to them.  Our trainers are experienced with all breeds, and can confidently teach agility to competition standard for those with a competitive 'edge'


Unlike other dog clubs, the FK9 TEAM will never be put off by naughty, large, noisy, jumpy or unsociable dogs!










'Professional Dog Training can transform the quality of life for both you and your dog'  Click on the 'Training Classes' tab above to view our full list of weekly classes


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K9 Behavioural Consultations


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"Train the dog in front of you, not the one you wish you had"

Updated January 5th 2021


121 Training - OPEN

Behaviour consultations - OPEN

Daycare with training - OPEN

Classes - CLOSED

Due to Tier restrictions and Goverment guidelines our classes will remain closed for January.

Invaluable individual training sessions £36.00

Behaviour consulations - £96.00

Halfday daycare with training - £25.00

Full day daycare with training - £36.00

Inclusive of VAT