Sue Haxell


I have always had a love of all animals and my home is shared with dogs, cats, sheep, horses, chickens and a husband.


For nearly 30 years I have been a dog owner of 1,2,or 3 dogs of various breeds. They include puppies and re-home/rescue, Collie, Mixed breeds, Belgian Shepherd, Great Dane x Rottweiler and now 2 German Shepherds, |Max and Phoebe.


Occasionally I add to my pack by looking after friends dogs as well. I am lucky to have 3 acres of deer fenced Christmas trees and grass for exercising.


I do not travel far to shows but I have competed at many local events in obedience, showing and agility and always won rosettes for something.


My main job was teaching Mathematics and I have also helped at a Riding School and a Lip Reading class.


I enjoy all aspects of teaching and learning with animals and humans (even sheep and chickens come when I call!).


Patience and understanding are needed with all training and learning.


I have learnt (from Sharon) that when something goes wrong, most of the time, it is handler error!