Daycare with training (DWT)

At Frome K9 we offer half day daycare with training (DWT) (7.30am - 1pm) on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays, and all day DTW on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.. We pride ourselves on our relaxed and settled kennel environment which in turn promotes calm, happy dogs and a perfect environment for learning new skills, we believe that this sets us apart from other daycare providers as all dogs receive training, this allows us to ensure that each dog gets the very best out of their day with us.



Mon, Tues & Wed, 7.30am - 1pm.   £25.00   inc VAT per day

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7.30am - 6pm.  £36.00  inc VAT  per day


Our DWT sessions are designed for dogs to enjoy positive social interactions in a controlled environment, whilst also benefitting from group training and basic manners whilst integrated into a pack. Dogs are only mixed with suitable pack mates, according to style of play and energy levels. Our instructors all have an in depth knowledge of dog behaviour and body language which ensures that no dog is put into a situation whereby they feel stressed or uncomfortable. This level of control and understanding means that every dog in the pack benefits from its time with us and our experienced and knowledgeable instructors can intervene before any play becomes too much or tips over. We have rehabilitated many anxious dogs, reactive dogs and dogs just generally lacking in confidence through our daycare programme, this is down to the careful consideration we give to our pack structures.


The work we do is guided by what you and your dog require from us, it might be basic puppy obedience/exposure/socialisation, help with a particular training issue- jumping up, barking at other dogs, pulling on the lead, bad recall. You may want to start off in agility, you may already be doing agility but want to improve your weaves, contacts, distance handling. Whatever training requirement you have, we can help. All the work we do on our DWT sessions are full complimented in all of our classes.


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