Dates For Your Diary - Sep/Oct 2017........coming soon

All of our workshops are open to anyone & everyone, even if you don’t attend our classes.  Just like our classes, our workshops have a relaxed & friendly atmosphere.

Tea/coffee/cakes available throughtout the morning, Please just help yourself. 


£15 per workshop, £25 for 2, or £35 for all 3 on one day.



September 16th

10am - Hide & Seek Stage 1.  This session is for all dog that have done 5 or less Hide & Seek workshops

11.30am - Agility - GO ON!  (Sending on)  Sending you dog over agility objects for the length of the field/barn WITHOUT YOU!

1pm - Hide & Seek Stage 2.  This session is for all dogs that have 5 or more Hide & Seek workshops


Wednesday 20th


September 30th


October 7th/8th - Climb & Wild camp out on Mt Snowdon, with your dog.  £25 per walker.  Fully guided route.  


October 14th


October 21st


November 4th










Hide & Seek Workshops: These workshops are just for fun, and they are.....great fun! Our ultimate aim is to teach dogs to use their brain, and nose, and scent to find people, (known & unknown) These workshops are for any pet dog to have a taste of a working dogs life. As you know, most scenting working dogs are selected over many months before they can make the grade to train. We, on the otherhand, will take absolutely any breed, as long as the dog & handler are having lots of fun will work on motivating the dog to 'seek & find' through various fun based methods. This workshop is not leading to your dog becoming a professional! Hide & Seek is one of our favourite workshops.

Scent Work: Its highly Motivational, and the dogs just love it! In this session will be setting a foundation for specific scent work (think sniffer dogs at airports).

The Roller Coaster Game: Negotiate a timed course, without your dog touching the floor! Very exciting!

Tracking: Tracking is when a dog uses its sense of smell to find and follow a scent trail, tracking is a natural behaviour for your dog.

Tracking can be used for many tasks, including police work, search and rescue, and hunting. We, of course will be teaching it just for fun.

The end result will be you & your dog following a blind track to locate articles dropped along the way. This is great team work, and completely instinctive for your dog to follow their nose, where they are leading you around the track.

Tracking is suitable for puppies & adults, and any breed.

We use positive methods, (ideally food for footstep tracking) or a toy if your dog it no interested in food rewards.