Our Weekday Training Classes

We hold weekly training classes for Pet obedience, Flyball, Scentwok, Obedience for competition and Agility.  Within these classes we run the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and have an excellent pass rate.  


Your Instructors for both Obedience, Flyball & Agility are able to teach up to competition standard if this is what you are looking for.


We limit the numbers we have in all of our classes, so we can really get to know you and your dog on an individual basis.


We also offer many weekend 'Workshops' which have a great social feel as well.  Please see our Workshops link to see whats on!  


We always welcome new Handlers & Dogs, and very much look forward to meeting  you.


Contact us  07922 756176



10am - Advanced Obedience for clever dogs

11am - Adult- Full

Noon - Adult Obedience

1pm - Puppies & Juniors - PLACES

2pm - Adult Obedience

5pm - K9HOOPERS - Full

6pm - Adult Obedience - Full

7pm - Adult Obedience - Full

8pm - Adult Obedience - Full




11am - Puppies & sociable junior/adult dogs. FULL

1pm Agility - FULL

2pm Agilty - FULL

4pm Agility - FULL

5pm Agility - Places

6pm Agility - FULL

7pm Agility - FULL


Wednesdays Agility

1pm - FULL

2pm - PLACES

3pm - FULL

4pm - PLACES

5pm - PLACES


Wednesday Obedience

11.30am - Puppy Class - PLACES

6pm - Puppy class PLACES

7pm - Adult obedience - FULL



Daycare - 7.30am - 6pm - Places  (Book early as we tend to get full)

4pm - Agility,  FULL

5pm - Agility - Full

6pm - Agility - Full

7pm - Agility - Full

8pm - Agility - Full


Thursday & Friday, Daycare with Trainning & Socialisation  Advanced Booking essential.

Drop your dog off between 7.30am-8am, and collect before 6pm.  Your dog will enjoy a dog of play, socialisation with likeminded dogs, and training!  

Dogs with behaviour issues also considered.

£36.00 for the day inc VAT


Friday with Cheryl 

12.00- Scentwork - FULL

1pm - Scentwork - Places

2pm - Advanced Scentwork - 1 experienced place

4pm - Focus & Engagement - PLACES available

5pm - Advanced Scentwork - 1 experienced place available


Saturdays: Our Saturday workshops vary each week, keep an eye on our website, or our Facebook page up to date details.

Once a month we old a dedicated 'Puppy Package' workshop, please call for details or join our main Facebook page for updates.


If your prefered class is full....please contact us as a place may be available, (and we just havent got around to updating this website)


We hope you chose to join for FromeK9 for your training.